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Generation to Generation is proud to partner with great nonprofits and communities focused on improving the odds for children and youth. Dedicating your time and experience to support young people can have an impact far beyond the moment, and change the trajectory of a young person’s life.
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Through our partnership with VolunteerMatch, you can find thousands more opportunities in your local area, always to help youth thrive, and perfect for adults 50+.

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Young people with mentors are better equipped to meet and overcome personal, academic and professional challenges.

Older mentors help younger people realize their potential, through caring relationships that nurture success.

Yet one in three young people will grow up without a mentor in their lives.

Abundant scholarship and anecdotal experience attest to the lasting power of mentors — and the benefits that flow both ways in the mentoring relationship.

Caring adults over 50+ bring unique gifts — an appetite to serve, and the hard-wired aptitude to connect with younger generations — that can profoundly shape young lives, and in the process, enrich mentors' lives, as well.

Virtual Opportunities

Virtual volunteer opportunities can be completed from a remote location, virtually anywhere, usually with a computer, Internet connection, phone, and/or fax. Virtual opportunities do not require you to be physically present at a specific location.

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Do It Yourself (DIY) Ideas

Check out the “Black Excellence is Everywhere You Look Facilitator Guide” from SURJ Families; then try it out with your family, your child’s or grandchild’s school or any place else you can think of! 

Bringing Black History to Life

After All Our Kids (AOK) was featured in the New York Times, people across the country and the world wanted to know how they, too, could create something similar — check out our guide!

Create your own “Family” Table

Organize an Intergenerational Day at your local library, park or community center, with games, food, stories and more!

Intergenerational Sourcebook

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